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A good repair shop isn't all about the individuals working hands-on with the materials. It is also about the expertise of each team member working together to help analyze problems and come up with custom solutions using different materials and equipment. Modernization in repair shops has given Swanville Repair the ability to map out solutions before getting to work on materials.


This may be one of the greatest benefits of working with Swanville Repair; you don't need to know the solution to your problem. Our experienced mechanics have the hands-on experience and years of knowledge to help advise you during design phases, recommend performance alterations, identify potential issues, and create custom solutions for projects and problems of all shapes and sizes.


Blake Schmidt


Blake is our fearless leader, our go-to-man, our Boss. He recently bought Swanville Repair, but has been a technician for over 10 years.

Rachel Boeckermann

Office Manager

Rachel has been asked to take on the role of office manager for Swanville Repair and has gladly accepted. She has extensive knowledge in Accounting, Payroll, and everyday functions of a well managed office.


"We didn't know how much we needed her until we had her, now we wouldn't give her up for the world."

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