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  • 【Upgraded 100A BMS】Upgraded 100A BMS can withstand stronger load current, withstand 500A current in 1Second, also can be used for 12V-36V trolling motor with 30-120lbs thrust.Perfectly suited for marine activities, such as fish finder or more marine life.
  • 【Rugged & Low-Temp Cut-off Protection】Upgraded BMS with low- temperature sensor, automatically cut off charging when the temperature is lower than 32°F( -4°F: discharging cut-off). When the temperature is higher than 41°F, the BMS will automatically resume charging. The low-temperature design is good for moisture and salt spray, which is a great choice for trolling motors, marine activities, or harsh freshwater environments.
  • 【Rugged and Weather-Resistant Design】 The 12V 100Ah Low-Temp is built to endure the rigors of marine environments. With its moisture-proof, dust-proof, and salt-spray-resistant construction, this battery offers exceptional protection against the elements. Whether you're cruising through freshwater lakes or braving the harsh conditions of saltwater environments, you can trust that this battery will deliver unwavering performance, making it an ideal choice for marine applications.
  • 【Grade-A Cell】The battery is made of Grade-A cells with 10 years of life and 4000+ cycles@100 % DOD, compared with AGM/SLA/FLA batteries, it has a 3 times longer life and about 8 times more cycles.
  • 【1/3 Light Weight & Max.20.48kWh Capacity Expansion】The battery weighs only 22 lbs,1/3 the weight of a lead-acid battery of the same capacity. The maximum capacity expansion is 4P4S, up to 48V(51.2V),20.48kWh energy. Suitable for RV, camping, solar system, home storage, etc.

Power Queen Lithium Ion 12.8V100Ah Battery

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